Gallery of Famous Chironomid Workers

Lars Zakarias Brundin

Peter S. Cranston

Frederick Wallace Edwards

Ernst Josef Fittkau

Maurice Emile Marie Goetghebuer

Oskar Augustus Johannsen

Jean-Jacques Kieffer

Iya Ivanovna Kiknadze
(1930 - 2017)

Friedrich Reiss

Selwyn Samuel Roback

Ole Anton Sæther

James Edward Sublette

August Friedrich Thienemann

Masaaki Tokunaga

Wolfgang Friedrich Wülker
Jan Zavřel

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Here is a photo of all participants attending the 12th international conference on Chironomidae in Canberra, Australia in January 1994.

Here is a photo (by Dean Hansen) of the participants attending the 15th international conference on Chironomidae in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in August 2003.

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