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Viktor Baranov

    Zelentsov et al. 2012. First records on non-biting midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) from the Rovno amber. Russian Entomological Journal 21(1):79-87.

    Baranov. 2013. First records of several Tanypodinae species (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, 47(3):59—62.

    PDFs are available from author for "New chironomids from Eocene Sakhalinian amber (Diptera; Chironomidae; Orthocladiinae) Baranov V., Perkovsky E. Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews, Volume 6(1-2):61–69. Abstract: "Non-biting midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) are recorded in the Sakhalinian amber (Russia) for the first time. Pseudorthocladius zherikhini sp. n. is described in an extant genus of Orthocladiinae also known from the Baltic amber. Antillocladus sp. (Orthocladiinae) is the first representative of this genus recorded from fossil resins." Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B. Khmelnytskogo 15, 01601 Kiev, Ukraine baranowiktor@gmail.com

Joël Moubayed-Breil

    Moubayed-Briel, Joël, and Patrick Ashe. 2013. Thienemannia valespira sp. n., a mountain crenophilous element from the Eastern Pyrenees and the Alps [Diptera, Chironomidae]. Ephemera 2012 (2013) 14(1): 13-24.

    Joël Moubayed-Breil, Joël, and Abdelkader Lounaci. 2013. Orthocladius (Euorthocladius) kabylianus sp. n., a crenophilous element inhabiting karstic helocrenes and temporary streams in Algeria [Diptera: Chironomidae]. Ephemera 2012 (2013) 14(1): 25-34.

    Moubayed-Breil, Joël. 2013. Orthocladius (Euorthocladius) vicentei sp. n., a Tyrrhenian element from coastal springs in Corsica [Diptera, Chironomidae]. Ephemera 2012 (2013) 14(1):1-12.

Henk Vallenduuk

Other Useful Documents

    Melville, R.V. 1960. Report on Mr. C.W. Sabrosky's proposal for the suppression under the plenary powers of the pamphlet entitled "Nouvelle Classification des Mouches à Deux Ailes" by J.W. Meigen, 1800. The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 18: 9-64. [Note: Pages 11-13 give a concise history of the problem, and justification of the ICZN's eventual suppression of the 1800 names in 1963 (Opinion 678)]

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