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  • And, if the 22nd chironomid symposium isn't exciting enough, Jelena Stojanović announces that applications for the Symposium in Paleolimnology are now open! Make your mark in the field of paleolimnology by registering to attend the 15th International DEADHEADS WORKSHOP that will be held from 14.-16. June, 2024. in Niš, Serbia. Be a part of the most prominent Chironomid symposium in the world and catch the Early bird registration till 31. December, 2023. Present your work at the 22nd International Symposium on Chironomidae ISC22, and gain an opportunity to advance the network with other passionate chironomid researchers all around the globe. Join the pre-symposium workshops, explore new topics, and improve your skills by applying for three courses FREE OF CHARGE! Additionally, we have provided general information about the post-symposium Field Trip. We encourage you to explore these offerings further and consider integrating them into your ISC22 journey. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Niš, a city known for its kind and hospitable people, delicious traditional dishes, and numerous historical sights. Read more about the event and stay in touch with the updates by visiting the ISC22 website. (added Nov 2023)
  • Djuradj Milošević joyfully announces that registration for 22nd International Symposium on Chironomidae is now officially open, and will take place at the University of Niš, Serbia, from June 17 to June 19, 2024. Complete the registration process by clicking on the this link. As you move along the registration form, please note that abstract submission is an integral part of the registration process for all presenting participants. Please don't forget to express your interest in the pre-symposium and post-symposium activities. Your input will aid us in planning and organizing these events effectively. The venue will be . Per Dr. Milošević : "Leaning on a 60-year tradition of the International Symposium of Chironomidae, the goal is to, yet again, bring scientists from around the world together, share our knowledge, exchange the brightest new ideas, and have fruitful scientific discussions about chironomids while having a good time. To achieve this, ISC22 will devote special attention to young researchers. With the desire to attract as many fresh faces as possible, the main event will be preceded by a three-day series of workshops covering morphological and molecular identification, chironomids as models organisms in ecotoxicological studies, methods in paleolimnology, as well as numerical ecology in R. Committed to overcoming the boundaries between approaches in chironomids studies, we look forward to welcoming interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research as well. " (added Apr 2023, updated Nov 2023)
  • Martin Spies notified us that Masaru Yamamoto (1948-2023) of Japan, has passed away (added Oct 2023)
    Martin Spies notified us that Mauri Hirvenoja (1928-2023) of Finland, one of the longest-standing members of our research community, passed away on 10 July 2023. Dr. Hirvenoja authored or coauthored numerous works, but he was perhaps most renowed for his magnum opus 1973 revision of Cricotopus and neighboring genera, a 350+ page publication based on his doctoral dissertation. (added Aug 2023)
  • Mathew Seymor of the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, announces a post-doc and research assistant position as part of their Chironomidae survey and eDNA application project here in Hong Kong. Links are provided to the post doc job and a short description of the project. (added Aug 2023)
  • Webmaster Notice: I have changed the hosting plan for several sites, including for this domain that contains the files for The Chironomid Home Page, the Exchange Forum, and Jon Martin's site on Phylogeny and Evolution. Several problems with the Exchange Forum have been fixed, your webmaster apologizes for any problems experienced. (edited Apr 2023)
  • [The symposium has already occurred, so I am still awaiting some sort of post-event summary from the organizer] Last Update on The 21st International Symposium on Chironomidae in Tsukuba, Japan: Richard Cornette announced the symposium if finally scheduled! "It is my pleasure to announce that the 21st International Symposium on Chironomidae in Tsukuba, Japan, will be held (on-line) next 4-7 July 2022. The home page of the symposium is available at the following link: ( We are looking forward to meeting all of you this summer at the 21st International Symposium on Chironomidae! (edited Sep 2022)
  • Torbjørn Ekrem has communicated that the lastest full issue of CHIRONOMUS has been published on the journal website: (added Feb 2022)
  • Martin Spies has communicate the sad news of the passing of Henk Vallenduuk this past November. A notice has been published as a PDF in Macrofauna Newsletter (Macrofaunanieuwsmail 157, 18 november 2021, in Dutch) (added Feb 2022)
  • Claus Orendt has announced the publication of a new work (preview) on larval Orthocladiinae senso lato: Claus Orendt, Thomas Bendt (2021): Orthocladiinae sensu lato. Orthocladiinae, Prodiamesinae, Diamesinae, Buchonomyiinae, Telmatogetoninae, Podonominae (Diptera: Chironomidae). Keys to Central European larvae with respect to macroscopic characters. - DGL Tools (DGL-Arbeitshilfen) No. 1/2021. - Edited by the German Limnological Society (DGL), Essen, 144 p. (added Dec 2020)
  • Mike Broomall at the Stroud Center has sent a link for FSB certified taxonomists, including for Chironomidae. (added Sep 2021)
  • Martin Spies and Pete Cranston have communicated the sad news of the passing of two esteemed colleagues of ours, Clive Pinder and Len Ferrington. (added Sep 2021)
  • A new midge research project is beginning in Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA (added September 2020).
  • Masaru Yamamoto informs us that Dr. Tadashi Kobayashi passed away on 10 January 2020, aged 88. (added March 2020)
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