Contributions to Chironomid Research
in Memory of Dr. Friedrich Reiss

The special commemorative production previously announced on this website has been published in SPIXIANA 23 (2000), issues 2 and 3.
To all colleagues involved in various parts of this production: thank you very much again! You have made this a great tribute to the man we have had to say farewell to.

The contents are almost exclusively scientific rather than personal, but we believe Dr. Reiss would have preferred it this way. He would have enjoyed applying the papers in practical work, and so, we hope, will the readers.

Although the authors had to add this to all their other work under tight time constraints, the editors received more contributions than could be fit within one regular SPIXIANA, even though issue 23/2 was enlarged from the normal 96 to 128 pages. Some papers thus had to be delayed until issue 23/3 published in early November 2000.

The following listing gives authors' names and abbreviated titles of the scientific papers:

Baehr, M. & M. Spies (eds) 2000: Contributions to chironomid research in memory of Dr. Friedrich Reiss.

Cranston, P. S. Austrobrillia Freeman: immature stages, and new species from the Neotropics
Ashe, P. Reissmesa, nom. nov., a replacement name for Reissia Brundin
Makarchenko, E. A. Cricotopus (Cricotopus) reissi, spec. nov. from Chukchi Peninsula, northeastern Russia
Oliveira, S. J. de A new, non-marine species of the genus Thalassomya Schiner, 1856
Orendt, C. Chironomids of small Alpine water bodies (springs, spring brooks, pools, small lakes) of the northern Calcareous Alps
Jacobsen, R. E. & S. A. Perry A review of Beardius Reiss & Sublette, with description of a new species from Everglades National Park, Florida
Sublette, J. E. & M. S. Mulla Chironomus strenzkei Fittkau, a new Pan-American distribution, with a review of recent similar additions to the Nearctic midges
Wülker, W. F. & J. Martin Northernmost Chironomus karyotypes
Biró, K. Chironomidae from Hungary 2. New records of Lipiniella moderata Kalugina, 1970
Messias, M. C. Oukuriella reissi, a new species of the genus Oukuriella Epler, 1986
Caldwell, B. A. First Nearctic record of Neostempellina Reiss, with description of a new species
Trivinho-Strixino, S. & G. Strixino A new species of Caladomyia Säwedal, 1981, with description of the female and immature stages
Reiff, N. Review of the mainly Neotropical genus Caladomyia Säwedal, 1981, with descriptions of seven new species
Langton. P. H. & X.-F. Garcia A review of Cladotanytarsus conversus (Johannsen) with first records from Europe
Sanseverino, A. M. & S. Wiedenbrug Description of the pupa of Tanytarsus cuieirensis Fittkau & Reiss
Butler, M. G. Tanytarsus aquavolans, spec. nov. and Tanytarsus nearcticus, spec. nov., two surface-swarming midges from arctic tundra ponds
Stur, E. & T. Ekrem Tanytarsus usambarae, spec. nov. from West Usambara Mts., Tanzania, East Africa


Ashe, P., J. P. O'Connor & D. A. Murray Larvae of Eurycnemus crassipes (Panzer) (Diptera, Chironomidae) ectoparasitic on prepupae/pupae of Hydropsyche siltalai Döhler (Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae), with a summary of known chironomid/trichopteran associations
Kyerematen, R. A. K., T. Andersen & O. A. Sæther A review of Oriental Rheotanytarsus Thienemann & Bause, with descriptions of some new species
Paggi, A. C. & D. Añon Suarez A new species of Ablabesmyia from Rio Negro province, Argentina, with descriptions of the adult female and preimaginal stages


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Further information pertaining to Dr. Reiss and his career:

Martin Spies
Munich, Germany