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Started by Martin Spies, December 29, 2018, 02:05:52 PM

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Martin Spies


Valente-Neto, F., Rodrigues, M. E., Roque, F. O. (2018) Selecting indicators based on biodiversity surrogacy and environmental response in a riverine network: Bringing operationality to biomonitoring. Ecol. Indicators 94(1): 198-206 + online suppl. material.

Martin Spies


Koperski, P. (2019) Phylogenetic diversity of larval Chironomidae (Diptera) in lowland rivers as a potential tool in assessment of environmental quality. Hydrobiologia 836(1): 83-96 + online suppl. material.

Ospina-Pérez, E. M., Campeón-Morales, O. I., Richardi, V. S., Rivera-Páez, F. A. (2019) Histological description of immature Chironomus columbiensis (Diptera: Chironomidae): A potential contribution to environmental monitoring. Microscopy Res. Technique 82( 8 ): 1277-1289.

Theissinger, K., Röder, N., Allgeier, S., Beermann, A. J., Brühl, C. A., Friedrich, A., Michiels, S., Schwenk, K. (2019) Mosquito control actions affect chironomid diversity in temporary wetlands of the Upper Rhine Valley. Mol. Ecol. 28(18): 4300-4316 + online suppl. material. [first publd online (26.viii.2019)]

Martin Spies


Cortelezzi, A., Simoy, M. V., Siri, A., Donato, M., Cepeda, R. A., Marinelli, C. B., Berkunsky, I. (2020) New insights on bioindicator value of chironomids by using occupancy modelling. Ecol. Indicators 117(paper 6619): 8 pp. + online suppl. material.

Martin Spies


Park, K., Kwak, L.-S. (2021) Multi-level gene expression in response to environmental stress in aquatic invertebrate chironomids: Potential applications in water quality monitoring. Reviews envir. Contamin. Toxicol. 259: 77-122 + online suppl. material. [publd online 19.x.2021]

Martin Spies


Boggero,  A.,  Kamburska,  L.,  Zaupa, S., Ciampittiello, M., Paganelli, D., Cifoni, M., Rogora, M., Di Lorenzo, T. (2022) Sampling and laboratory protocols to study the effects of water-level management on the littoral invertebrate fauna in deep and large temperate lakes. J. Limnol. 81(s2, Article 2073): 12 pp. [publd 23.ix.2022]

Montaño-Campaz, M. L., G-Dias, L., Toro-Restrepo, B. (2022) Chironomus columbiensis (Diptera: Chironomidae) as test organism for aquatic bioassays: Mass rearing and biological traits. An. Acad. Bras. Cienc. 94(3, e20210389): 13 pp. [publd online]

Rossaro, B., Marziali, L., Boggero, A. (2022) Response of chironomids to key environmental factors: perspective for biomonitoring. Insects [Basle] 13(10, paper 911): 1-22 + online suppl. material. [publd 7.x.2022]

Martin Spies


Assefa, W. W., Eneyew, B. G, Wondie, A. (2023) Development of a multi-metric index based on macroinvertebrates for wetland ecosystem health assessment in predominantly agricultural landscapes, Upper Blue Nile basin, northwestern Ethiopia. Frontiers envir. Sci. 11(paper 1117190): 14 pp. + online suppl. material. [publd 6.ii.2023]

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