Submissions to the Chironomid Home Page

To minimise my effort in maintaining the chironomid pages, it is important that new submissions be sent in a format that is ready, or very close to being ready, for posting on the web. Preformat submissions in exactly the manner that you think is most appropriate. For the sake of consistency, if you see that we have already adopted an appropriate format in other postings (e.g., for bibliographies), please use it. I will gladly accept files as email attachments. Ideally, submissions should try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the preferred format, but most word processing, plain text (".txt"), or rich format (".rtf") formats can be converted to html.
  • Keep text style coding (e.g., fonts and font-size) to a minimum. Avoid using various animated java-applets (e.g., dynamic menus, animated graphics, etc.), as not all routines have been tested for all browser formats (particularly older browsers). Your submission will be edited to conform to the cascading style sheets (CSS) used for this web site. Finally, unless absolutely necessary, avoid using "frames" - coordinating the multiple files results in more work than it's worth.
  • Most display monitors project at < 100 dpi, so one can reasonably compress an image's file sizes and maintain an excellent resolution on most color displays. GIF or JPEG formats are preferred, but I can convert many image formats (e.g., TIFF) to GIF. I can also convert pictures pasted in Word for Mac files to GIF.
  • Use an internet security program that detects and eliminates viruses, trojan horses, etc. from your computer, thus preventing their spread across the internet. I use such a program, which will block receiving your email if it is "infected".
If there is any problem in implementing your submission, the webmaster will contact you to resolve the problem before its posting on the web.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 25-Feb-2014 (EB)