Norwegian checklist of all freshwater animal life

For your information we have just published a Norwegian checklist of all freshwater animal life known from the country. It also contains the first check-list of the Norwegian chironomid fauna in 50 years, including the terrestrial and marine species. It not only shows which species are recorded in the country in general, but also in which of 37 administrative regions every species is found. In addition there is a complete bibliography of all publications concerning chironomids from Norway. It finally puts at least the faunistics on a firm basis. The reference to the chironomid part is:

Schnell, Ø.A. & K. Aagaard. 1996. Fjærmygg - Chironomidae. Pp. 210-248. In: Aagaard, K. & D. Dolmen (Eds.). Limnofauna norvegica. Katalog over norsk ferskvannsfauna. Tapir forlag, Trondheim. 310 pp. ISBN 82-519-1214-8.

(The title translates to: Limnofauna norvegica. Catalogue of the Norwegian freshwater fauna).

Greetings from Bergen,