Tanypodinae of the NetherlandsChironomidae Larvae of the Netherlands and Adjacent Lowlands – General ecology and Tanypodinae (Available July 2007)

Chironomid larvae play an important role in aquatic ecosystems and are used in the assessment of water quality. However, the species are difficult to identify and there is a lack of information about their biology and ecology. A new release by KNNV Publishing fills this gap: it presents a key with new characters and matrix tables, and a wealth of information about the biology and ecology of these larvae.

To most people midges are a nuisance—annoying creatures that can spoil a quiet evening or stick to the windscreen of a car, making it impossible to see through it. However, midges play an important ecological role and have many interesting characteristics. Authors Henk Vallenduuk and Henk Moller Pillot have written a comprehensive guide on the larvae of the Chironomids, a group of non-biting midges. Because the European Water Framework Directive requires the authorities to ascertain the presence status of macro-invertebrates in surface waters, their work gained more attention.

Chironomidae Larvae of the Netherlands and Adjacent Lowlands focuses on a major subfamily of this group: the Tanypodinae. The larvae of most of the species are free-swimming or crawling predators while those of other species burrow in the mud on the bottom. Since they inhabit a variety of habitats they can be found in almost all surface waters in the Netherlands .

The authors revised some existing identification keys and collected additional information on the biology and ecology of the larvae. Where possible, the identification keys use anatomical characters that are easily observed. Detailed species descriptions provide extra information on identification, distribution, life cycles, feeding and microhabitat. The clear general sections on development stages, sampling methods and abiotic environmental factors help make this book useful for all students of chironomid larvae, professional or otherwise.

This book takes a special place in the collection of KNNV Publishing because of its unique and helpful focus on this ecologically important group, and its potential use in water quality management.

Henk Vallenduuk, Henk Moller Pillot
Publisher: KNNV Publishing, The Netherlands
Technical details: 172 pages, 16,5 x 24 cm,  hardback, b/w line drawings, 8-page section in full colour
ISBN-13: 978 90 5011 259 8
Price: € 69,50

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