The larval volume of  Chironomidae of the Holarctic region (Wiederholm, T. ed. 1983) is sold out and now longer available from the publisher. However, a new key to genera and subgenera published in Hungary by Science Herald is just out:

Sæther, O. A., Ashe, P. & Murray, D. E. 2000. Family Chironomidae. Pp. 113-334 in: Papp, L. and Darvas, B. (eds): Contributions to a Manual of Palaearctic Diptera (with special reference to the flies of economic importance). Vol. 4.  A.6.- Science Herald, Budapest.

Volume 4 also includes keys to 15 other families of Diptera including Culicidae and Blepharoceridae.

Volume 4 is obtainable from E. W. Classey Ltd., Oxford House, Marlborough Street, Farringdon, Oxfordshire SW7 /JP, UK at a price of GBP 150, Order code 16272. The e-mail is

The key mostly follows Wiederholm (ed.) 1983, 1986, 1989, but especially the pupal keys to the orthoclads is improved. The keys also lists the names of species and their geographical distributions in revised genera with less than about 30 species. New or revised genera and subgenera appearing since the last volume of the Holarctic key  are incorporated. There are several new synonyms and combinations. Japanese species are included as far as possible without revision of all species. The reference list is updated as far as possible, but some recent publications appearing after the first submission of the manuscript may be missing. The keys should be useful also for chironomid workers from North America as there are very few genera which are exclusively Nearctic.

Ole A. Sæther