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Report Unwanted Posts!
« on: February 21, 2017, 09:03:45 AM »
Dear Forum members,

As you know, Martin Spies and I have created what we think is an excellent venue by which we can rapidly communicate about topics related to the systematics, taxonomy and other aspects related to Chironomidae. To maintain your trust, there are rules of conduct for those who become members of the forum and post messages. These are posted in the "Welcome" post, and require all message content to be restricted to furthering the science of Chironomidae.

Unfortunately, for the first time I had to ban someone ("Williammesh" with an email and IP address in Russia) for posting inappropriate (commercial, scam?) messages in the Chironomidae Exchange Forum. >:( I could tell that this "person" was using a troll program, and a scammer, so I didn't even bother to issue a warning.

I ask all members of good standing, when they visit the forum and happen to see an inappropriate or non-suitable post, to please let me or Martin know so that we can take action.

Thank you and cheers!
Ethan Bright
Forum moderator
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