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Abdominal setation
« on: October 08, 2014, 07:12:04 AM »
Pinder & Reiss in Wiederholm (1986) wrote under "Comments" on Chironomus Meigen (page 311) that in this genus pupal abdominal "conjunctives III/IV and/or IV/V carry a pair of L setae, a character which otherwise occurs only in the genera Baeotendipes, Einfeldia, and Fleuria."

At ZSM I have just seen two female exuviae (one of them with pharate adult) assigned to the European species Graceus ambiguus based on material as reported on by Cuppen, Klink & Moller Pillot (2009, "The larvae of Graceus ambiguus and Sergentia near prima and their identification", Lauterbornia 67: 29-37). On these two specimens there are relatively long lateral setae intersegmentally on at least conjunctives II/III to VI/VII.

If you have information relevant in this context, I would be most grateful to hear from you.