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For titles of recent publications on Chironomidae, visit For example, if you search that database using the term  201  in the "Year" field you will receive a list of all titles present in the database as published from 2010 through 2018.

See also this Forum's "Taxa" category.

Corrections and additions to standard references
A number of posts in the "Publications" category offer corrections and additions to published works used as standard references in chironomid research.

The purpose of these contributions is to gather information that will enable everyone to use those sources better and with lower risk of errors. Collecting such data here, in a single easily accessible place, saves everyone the trouble of having to detect errors, etc., all by themselves.

In other words: these posts should not be read (or written) as criticism of the author(s) of the respective work.

The creators of this Forum gratefully acknowledge the example set by John Epler
- e.g., see [  -
who was the first in chironomid research to demonstrate how useful and practical such cumulative listings of corrections and additions can be.
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