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Chironominae - new taxa
« on: April 18, 2014, 05:10:46 AM »
2014 and earlier

Cranston, P. S. (2014) A new putatively cryptobiotic midge, Polypedilum ovahimba spec. nov. (Diptera: Chironomidae), from southern Africa.  Austral Entomology 53(4): 373-379.

Fuentes, M. C., Donato, M. (2014) Review of taxonomic status of Polypedilum quinquesetosum (Edwards, 1931) (Diptera, Chironomidae). Revta Soc. Ent. Argent. 73(3-4): 139-144.

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Qi, X., Shi, S., Zhang, R., Wang, X. (2014) Polypedilum (Tripodura) cypellum sp. nov. (Diptera: Chironomidae) from Xishan Island, Zhejiang Province. Entomotaxonomia 36(2): 119-122.

Yan, C., Wang, X., Bu, W. (2012) A new species in the genus Paracladopelma Harnisch (Diptera: Chironomidae) from China. Entomotaxonomia 34(2): 291-295.
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Re: Chironominae - new taxa
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Amora, G., Hamada, N., Pinho, L. C. (2015) New species and records of Goeldichironomus Fittkau, 1965 from Brazil (Diptera: Chironomidae). Zootaxa 4059(2): 383-392.

Andersen, T., Bello González, O., Baars, J.-R., Earle, W. (2015) A new invasive weed-feeding species of Polypedilum (Pentapedilum) Kieffer from South Africa (Diptera: Chironomidae, Chironominae). Zootaxa 4000(5): 559-570.

Das, N., Majumdar, U., Mazumdar, A., Hazra, N. (2015) Life stages of eight new species of Chironomus Meigen (Diptera: Chironomidae: Chironominae) of the Eastern Himalaya of India. Oriental Ins. [first publ. online, DOI: 10.1080/00305316.2015.1101723 (xi.2015); with pagin. in issue 49(1-2): 99-149 (ii.2016)]. NOTE that the paper does not mention deposition in ZooBank; thus, the new taxon names and any other nomenclature it proposes can be valid from the print edition only, which is dated 10 February 2016.

Giłka, W., Dobosz, R. (2015) A contribution to the systematics of Australasian Tanytarsini (Diptera: Chironomidae): first descriptions from New Caledonia. Zootaxa 3980(1): 127-135.

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Trivinho-Strixino, S., Pepinelli, M. (2015) A systematic study on Endotribelos Grodhaus (Diptera: Chironomidae) from Brazil including DNA barcoding to link males and females. Zootaxa 3936(1): 001-041.

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Yamamoto, N., Yamamoto, M., Hirowatari, T. (2015) Taxonomic study on the subgenus Uresipedilum (Diptera: Chironomidae: Polypedilum), with description of a new species from the Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa, Japan. Europ. J. Envir. Scis 5(1): 51-56.

Yan, C.-c., Yan, J., Jiang, L., Guo, Q., Liu, T., Ge, X.-y., Wang, X.-h., Pan, B.-p. (2015) Parachironomus Lenz from China and Japan (Diptera, Chironomidae). ZooKeys 494: 31-50.

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Zhang, Z.-Y., Zhang, R.-L., Lin, X.-L., Qi, X. (2015) Notes on the subgenus Polypedilum (Uresipedilum) Oyewo & Sæther (Diptera: Chironomidae) in Zhejiang Province, China. Pakistan J. Zool. 47(3): 769-773.
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Re: Chironominae - new taxa
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Andersen, T. (2016) Madachironomus, a new genus of tribe Pseudochironomini (Diptera: Chironomidae, Chironominae) from Madagascar. CHIRONOMUS J. Chironomidae Res. 29: 15-26. [publ. online (xii.2016)]

Andersen, T., Bello González, O. C., Hagenlund, L. K. (2016) Three new Neotropical species of Nilothauma Kieffer, 1921 (Diptera: Chironomidae). Annls Limnol. / Int. J. Limnol. 52: 253-261.

Bello González, O. C., Andersen, T., Hagenlund, L. K. (2016) A new species of Xestochironomus Sublette & Wirth, 1972 from Cuba (Diptera, Chironomidae). Norw. J. Ent. 63(1): 44-49.

Bellodi, C. F., Fusari, L. M., Roque, F. O. (2016) New species and records of Oukuriella Epler, 1986 from the Neotropical region (Diptera: Chironomidae). Zootaxa 4078(1): 187-196.

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Cranston, P. S., Martin, J., Spies, M. (2016) Cryptic species in the nuisance midge Polypedilum nubifer (Skuse) (Diptera: Chironomidae) and the status of Tripedilum Kieffer. Zootaxa 4079(4): 429-447.

Dantas, G. P. S., Hamada, N., Mendes, H. F. (2016) Contribution to the knowledge of Stenochironomus Kieffer (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Brazil: seven new species and description of females and immatures of some previously known species. Zootaxa 4117(1): 1-47.

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Hazra, N., Sanyal, K., Brahma, S. (2016) New records of Polypedilum Kieffer (Diptera: Chironomidae) from India. Annls Soc. Ent. France (N. S.) [first publ. online, 16 pp., (v.2016); with pagin. in issue 51(5-6): 392-407 (vi.2016)]

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Yan, Ch., Zhao, G., Liu, T., Guo, Q., Hou, Z., Wang, X., Pan, B. (2016) A new record and two new species of Cryptochironomus Kieffer, 1918 from China (Diptera, Chironomidae). Zootaxa 4208(5): 485-493.

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Re: Chironominae - new taxa
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Andersen, T., Mendes, H. F., Pinho, L. C. (2017) Two new Neotropical Chironominae genera (Diptera: Chironomidae). CHIRONOMUS J. Chironomidae Res. 30: 26-54 + appendix file. [publd online (viii.2017)]

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Dantas, G. P. S., Giłka, W. (2017) New Tanytarsus van der Wulp from the Brazilian Amazonia indicate clues to intrageneric relations (Diptera: Chironomidae). Zootaxa 4294(2): 281-291.

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Zhang, R., Zhu, L., Liu, W., Qi, X., Wang, X. (2017) Two new species of the subgenus Polypedilum (s. str.) Kieffer, 1912 (Diptera: Chironomidae: Polypedilum) from China. Pan-Pacif. Ent. 93(1): 7-13.
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