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Review of Doncricotopus: Need to trace a specimen!
« on: September 21, 2018, 07:20:04 AM »
I have recovered several mounted specimens of Doncricotopus at Canadian national collections that provide an opportunity to revisit and revise the genus in the Holarctic. So far Dr. Andersen was very kind enough to return the type specimens of D. bicaudatus to Canada. I also have the type specimens of D. dentatus from Finland.

However, there seems to be another undescribed species altogether in the Nearctic (described only as larvae). In my past investigation of the Chironomidae of Athabasca River I encountered a Doncricotopus larva, very much like displayed larva in ChiroKey (2010) of Dr. Cranston, from Lake Superior. Dr. Cranston has informed me that specimen came from Dr. Hudson's backyard which Dr. Hudson informed me it was not so. I could not find it in UC Davis entomology collection's database either.

I would appreciate it if anyone knows the whereabouts of this specimen or where it is likely deposited. I need to compare it first to my Alberta specimen and second to D. bicaudatus to confirm whether it is likely a new species or variation of D. bicaudatus. This will help me greatly with description of larval stage and construction of a key.

If anyone has collected similar larvae from Lake superior, I'll be happy to receive them as well.


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