Author Topic: Pelopia / Ablabesmyia (subfamily Tanypodinae)  (Read 3110 times)

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Pelopia / Ablabesmyia (subfamily Tanypodinae)
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:35:48 AM »
Evenhuis, N. L. & Pape, T. (2017) in ZOOTAXA 4275(1): 001-074

have published that the genus name Pelopia was made available by Latreille (1802), so that Pelopia Latreille is a senior synonym of Ablabesmyia Johannsen, 1905. The authors comment that if this synonymy threatens nomenclatural stability, then "an application to the ICZN Commission is recommended to suppress Pelopia Latreille" (op. cit.: p. 45).

Hopefully, this problem can be clarified and removed before too long. In the meantime I strongly advise against creating confusion in Tanypodinae systematics by any application of the name Pelopia in place of Ablabesmyia.

I should like to add that Evenhuis & Pape (2017: 58) acknowledge receiving input from me, but that this should not be mistaken to mean that I support fully the general approach of their paper and all its specific interpretations.