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Started by Martin Spies, November 20, 2018, 11:47:52 AM

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Martin Spies

Yamamoto, M., Yamamoto, N., Tang, H. (2018) Two new chironomids bearing peculiar morphological features from Japan and China (Diptera: Chironomidae). In: Lencioni, V., Cranston, P. S., Makarchenko, E. A. (eds), Recent advances in the study of Chironomidae: An overview. J. Limnol. 77(1s): 40-49.
[NOTE: Nomenclatural changes in this paper do not take effect from its online version.]

Martin Spies


Finch, G., Nandyal, S., Perretta, C., Davies, B., Rosendale, A. J., Holmes, C. J., Gantz, J. D., Spacht, D. E., Bailey, S. T., Chen, X., Oyen, K., Didion, E. M., Chakraborty, S., Lee Jr, R. E., Denlinger, D. L., Matter, S. F., Attardo, G. M., Weirauch, M. T., Benoit, J. B. (2020) Multi-level analysis of reproduction in an Antarctic midge identifies female and male accessory gland products that are altered by larval stress and impact progeny viability. Scientific Reports 10(item 19791): 27 pp. + online suppl. material.

Imada, Y. (2020) A novel leaf-rolling chironomid, Eukiefferiella endobryonia sp. nov. (Diptera, Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae), highlights the diversity of underwater chironomid tube structures. ZooKeys 906: 73-111.

Martin Spies


Montaño-Campaz, M. L., Dias, L. G., Bacca, T., Toro-Restrepo, B., Oliveira, E. E. (2022) Exposures to deltamethrin on immature Chironomus columbiensis drive sublethal and transgenerational effects on their reproduction and wing morphology. Chemosphere 296: . [publd online 28.ii.2022]

Martin Spies


Mrozińska, N., Obolewski, K. (2024) Morphological taxonomy and DNA barcoding: Should they be integrated to improve the identification of chironomid larvae (Diptera)? Ecohydrol. Hydrobiol. 24: 10 pp. [online version of record publd 29.ii.2024]

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