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Started by Martin Spies, December 29, 2016, 04:49:13 PM

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Martin Spies

2015 and earlier

Shimabukuro, E. M., Pepinelli, M., Perbiche-Neves, G., Trivinho-Strixino, S. (2015) A new trap for collecting aquatic and semi-aquatic insects from madicolous habitats. Insect Conserv. Divers. 8(6): 578-583.

Martin Spies


Smith, J. T., Muehlbauer, J. D., Kennedy, T. A. (2016) Evaluating potential sources of variation in Chironomidae catch rates on sticky traps. Mar. Freshw. Res. 67(12): 1987-1990.

Soares de Santana, H., Lima, V. A., Simião-Ferreira, J. (2016) Surface-floating pupal exuviae of Chironomidae (Diptera) in urban streams: is there a best time of day to sample them? EntomoBrasilis 9(2): 101-107.

Zanotto Arpellino, J. P., Principe, R. E., Oberto, A. M., Gualdoni, C. M. (2016) Método para la cría en laboratorio de Chironomidae (Diptera) de ambientes lóticos. (Laboratory rearing methodology for Chironomidae (Diptera) of lotic environments.) Acta biol. colomb. 21(2): 443-446. [in Spanish, with English abstract]

Martin Spies


Ferrari, B. J. D., Faburé, J. (2017) Field assessment of reproduction-related traits of chironomids using a newly developed emergence platform (E-Board). Ecotox. envir. Safety 137: 186-193 + online suppl. material.

Yoon, S.-S., Kim, M.-H., Choi, S.-K., Eo, J., Kwon, S.-I., Song, Y.-J. (2017) (The development of a sampling instrument for aquatic organisms in rice paddy fields: submerged funnel traps with attractants). Korean J. envir. Biol. 35(4): 640-647. [in Korean, with English abstract]

Martin Spies


Elías-Gutiérrez, M., Valdez-Moreno, M., Topan, J., Young, M. R., Cohuo-Colli, J. A. (2018) Improved protocols to accelerate the assembly of DNA barcode reference libraries for freshwater zooplankton. Ecology and Evolution 8(5): 3002-3018 + 6 online suppl. files. [Collecting methods included submerged light traps. Page 3009: "Curiously, some Chironomidae larvae apparently emerged as adults inside of the light traps."]

Schloemer, S., Hoffmann, A. (2018) The Beaver Dam Vacuum Sampler - a new sampling method to investigate the invertebrate fauna in beaver dams. Lauterbornia 85: 117-121.

Martin Spies


Begić, V., Sertić Perić, M., Hančić, S., Marchiotti, I., Gabud, T., Šestak Panižić, I., Radanović, I., Korać, P. (2022) Effectiveness of five different solutions for preserving aquatic insects commonly used in morphological and stream ecology studies. Biologia [Berlin]: 16 pp. [publd online 22.xii.2022]

Neuswanger, J. R., Schoen, E. R., Wipfli, M. S., Volk, C. J., Savereide, J. W. (2022) A suction pump sampler for invertebrate drift detects exceptionally high concentrations of small invertebrates that drift nets miss. Hydrobiologia 849(9): 2077-2089 + 2 suppl. web videos.

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