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2013 manual on Holarctic larvae -- SECOND printing

Started by Ron Maichle, November 29, 2013, 08:47:48 PM

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Ron Maichle

As John Epler mentioned on the Chironomidae-l listserver (11/22/13), the 2nd printing has some errors different from those in the 1st printing, so I have created this new thread to keep Forum treatments of the two printings separate.

Please find some items that I noticed below, added with respect to the intent expressed by Martin Spies (email to the Chironomidae-l listserver, 11/28/13). Any help in finding references that I was unsure of or explanation of possible misinterpretations on my part would be greatly appreciated.

References under genus name headings:
p.43 Alotanypus Reference should read Roback, 1971:95
p. 47 Brundiniella Add reference on page 90: Roback, 1978b. New name for Brundinia Roback, nec Brundinia Tottenham. -- Entomological News 89(56):141.
Add an "a" to "Roback 1978" references listed on pages 43 (Alotanypus), 45 (Apsectrotanypus), 47 (Brundiniella, second occurrence), 50 (Derotanypus), 51 (Djalmabatista), 53 (Macropelopia), 57 (Psectrotanypus), and 90 (References listed)
p.49 Coelotanypus Add reference on page 89: Roback, S. S. 1974. The immature stages of the genus Coelotanypus (Chironomidae: Tanypodinae: Coelotanypodini) in North America. – Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 126:9-19.
p.51 Djalmabatista Add reference on page 88: Fittkau, E. J. 1968. Eine neue Tanypodinae-Gattung, Djalmabatista (Chironomidae, Dipt.), aus dem brasilianischen Amazonasgebiet. -- Amazoniana 1:327-349.
p.53 Macropelopia Add reference on page 88: Fittkau, E. J. & Murray, D. A. 1988. Bethbilbeckia floridensis: a new genus and species of Macropelopiini from the South Eastern Nearctic (Diptera: Chironomidae). -- Spixiana Supplement 14:253-259.
p.59 Tanypus reference: Meigen, 1803:261 (page number corrected)
p.67 Larsia Reference Beck & Beck 1966b: "b" needs to be removed
p.72 Pentaneura Add reference on page 89: Roback, S. S. 1970. The Chironomidae. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Series 60:150-162.
p.74 Telopelopia Reference should read Roback, 1971:255: "a" needs to be removed
p.81 Conchapelopia First reference should read Fittkau, 1957:317

p.396 Axarus Roback 1980b: "b" needs to be removed
p.400 Chironomus On p. 463, the reference title Ryser, Scholl & Wülker 1983 should be replaced with: Ryser, H. M., Wülker, W., & Scholl, A. 1985. Revision der Gattung Chironomus Meigen (Diptera). X. Lobochironomus n. subg. (C. montuosus n. sp., C. storai Goetgh., C. mendax Storå). -- Revue Suisse de Zoologie 92:385-404.
p.400 Chironomus Kieffer 1924b: "b" needs to be removed
p.402 Cladopelma Reference Kieffer 1921 should read 1921c, and a reference needs to be added on p.461: Kieffer, J. J. 1921c. Chironomides nouveaux ou peu connus de la région paléarctique. – Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire naturelle de la Moselle 29:51-109.
p.403 Cryptotendipes Remove the "a", and add reference on p.463: Sæther, O. A. 2010. Cryptotendipes Lenz from Manitoba, Canada, with keys to known immatures of the genus (Diptera: Chironomidae). – Zootaxa 2412:1-20.
p.406 Einfeldia Kieffer 1924b: "b" needs to be removed
p.407 Endochironomus Grodhaus 1987a On p.461, add an "a" in Grodhaus 1987, and add another reference: Grodhaus, G. 1987b. Phaenopsectra mortensoni n. sp. and its relationships to other Chironomidae (Diptera) of temporary pools. -- Entomologica scandinavica Supplement 29:137-145.
p.414 Hanochironomus Add reference on p.462: Ree, H. I. 1992. A new genus and a new species of Chironomidae from Korea. -- Eisei Dobutsu [= Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology] 43:19-22.
p.416 Hyporhygma Reiss 1982b: "b" needs to be removed
p.418 Kribiodorum Reiss 1982b: "b" needs to be removed
p.428 Paratendipes Remove the "a", and add reference on p.461: Kieffer, J. J. 1911. Nouvelles descriptions des Chironomides obtenus d'éclosion. – Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire naturelle de Metz 27:1-60.
p.429 Phaenopsectra Add reference on p.461: Grodhaus, G. 1976. Two species of Phaenopsectra with drought-resistant larvae (Diptera: Chironomidae). – Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 49:405-418.
p.430 Polypedilum In the reference Sublette 1983 on p.464, authorship should read Sublette, J. E. & Sublette, M. S.
p.434 Sergentia Kieffer 1922a: "a" needs to be removed
p.435 Stenochironomus In the reference Kieffer 1919 on p.461, authorship should read: Kieffer, J. J. & Thienemann, A. 1919, and "A. Kock" should be replaced with A. Koch
p.436 Stictochironomus (see comment on p.435 Stenochironomus)
p.436 Synendotendipes Grodhaus 1997a should read 1987a
p.439 Xestochironomus Add reference on page 464: Sublette, J. E. & Wirth, W. W. 1972. New genera and species of West Indian Chironomidae (Diptera). -- Florida Entomologist 55:1-17.
p.441 Harnischia complex genus A Epler "2010" should read 2001
p.441 Harnischia complex genus B Epler "2010" should read 2001
p.442 Harnischia complex genus C Epler "2010" should read 2001
p.447 Micropsectra A reference needs to be added on p.464: Säwedal, L. 1982. Taxonomy, morphology, phylogenetic relationships and distribution of Micropsectra Kieffer, 1909 (Diptera: Chironomidae). -- Entomologica scandinavica 13:371-400.
p.448 Neozavrelia Reference should read Goetghebuer & Thienemann, 1941 ("a" needs to be removed)
p.454 Tanytarsus Add reference on p.464: Wulp, F. M. van der. 1874. [... over het geslacht Chironomus Meig.]. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 16:LXIX-LXXI.
p.455 Thienemanniola Reference Kieffer 1921 should read 1921c
p.455 Thienemanniola Add reference on page 462: Lehmann, J. 1973. Systematische und phylogenetische Studie über die Gattungen Thienemanniola Kieffer und Corynocera Zetterstedt (Diptera, Chironomidae). -- Hydrobiologia 43:381-414.
p.456 Virgatanytarsus Remove the "a", and add reference on p.462: Pinder, L. C. V. 1982. Virgatanytarsus new genus - for the "triangularis" group of the genus Tanytarsus van der Wulp (Diptera: Chironomidae). -- Spixiana 5:31-34.
p.456 Yuasaiella Add reference on page 464: Tokunaga, M. 1938. Chironomidae from Japan (Diptera). X. New or little-known midges, with descriptions of the metamorphoses of several species. -- Philippine Journal of Science 65:313-383.
p.457 Zavrelia reference Ekrem 2009 should read Ekrem & Stur 2009
p.457 Tanytarsini Genus A - Add reference to listing for authority "Ekrem" (if there is such a reference)
p.457 Tanytarsini Genus A - Add reference on page 462: Oliver, D. R., McClymont, D., & Roussel, M. E. 1978. A key to some larvae of Chironomidae (Diptera) from the Mackenzie and Porcupine River watersheds. -- Canadian Fisheries and Marine Service Technical Report 791; 73 p.
p.457 Tanytarsini Genus A Pinder et al. 1983 should read Pinder & Reiss 1983

p.129 All figures need labels (A upper left; B upper right; C lower left; D lower middle; E lower right)
p.131 Figure labels for C and D need to be switched (upper right figure shows the antenna)

p.466 The lower left figure is missing a label D
p.474 Upper left figure is missing a label A
p.506 Upper left figure is missing a label A

Differences between 1st and 2nd printings:
All of John Epler's corrections from 1-xi-2013 (see his website at were incorporated in the 2nd printing, except for the following:
p.444 and 460 -- Giłka is now misspelled with a pie symbol in all but the second listing on p.444, in which the name is spelled as Giska.
p.565 Nimbocera Reiss -- missing (Tanytarsus)
nubifer -- still missing Coquillett
p. 567 punctipennis Meigen (Tanypus) -- has page 50 listed instead of page 60

Concerning John's corrections from 12-xi-2013:
p.529 needs a label "D" added to the lower left figure

Martin Spies

Thank you very much, Ron, for this valuable contribution.

As you and I have discussed outside the Forum, I have modified some contents of your post, e.g. to fill in previously missing data, to coordinate with the parallel subject/topic on the manual's first printing, etc.

Please let us know if I have made any mistake, or if you find additional items.

Martin Spies

Please note that Ron's listing for the second printing of the manual has been supplemented with a downloadable PDF file like the one offered in the subject/topic on the first printing.

Martin Spies

New update 30 January 2014

The attached PDF file has had to be updated yet again.

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