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  • The 21st International Symposium on Chironomidae will be held in Tsukuba, Japan. The tentative symposium date will be 04-10 July 2021. (It is scheduled one year later to avoid conflict with the Summer Olympic Games of Tokyo in 2020). This period usually coincides with the end of the rainy season, but before the hottest heatwave of Japanese summer. Tsukuba is a science city located at 1 hour from Tokyo-Narita international airport and about 2 hours from Tokyo-Haneda international airport, by bus. (added October 2019)
  • Wenbin Liu writes to inform us that the 2nd Symposium on Chironomidae in China (link to download PDF) was held at Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin, China on October 20-22, 2017 (added January 2018).
  • Martin Spies notified me of the sad news that our esteemed colleague - Iya Kiknadze - passed away on 17-Dec-2017, aged 87. Her contributions to our community are most significant, and she will be sorely missed. I will post more information when it becomes available. (added December 2017)
  • The 20th International Symposium on Chironomidae was held in Trento, Italy at the MUSE (Museo delle Scienze/Science Museum), from 2-8 July 2017. Apparently it was a wonderful experience. Visit the scientific programme page to download both the scientific program and abstract book. The next symposium will be held in Japan, and, importantly, is tentatively scheduled for spring of 2021 (not 2020). And here are some photographs of past symposia. Have photographs from past events you'd like to share? Please send them to the webmaster. (added November 2016, updated July 2017)
  • Back by popular demand, Djuradj Milosevic announces the 2nd European Workshop on Chironomidae Identification Methodology (EWCIM), to be held at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic (23-Jan-2018 to 28-Jan-2018). The workshop itself will be held at University Campus Bohunice, Kamenice 5, Brno. Introductory lectures, demonstrations and practical work suitable for both novices and experts are led by an international team of researchers who will work closely with workshop participants. Participation fee of €400 covers the cost of the course, coffee breaks and lunches for all five days of the course, and a closing dinner. Dr. Milosevic, who organized the 1st workshop at the University of Niš, Niš, Serbia, has also created an on-line forum for past (and future) workshop participants. (added March 2017)
  • Request for taxonomic assistance: Jorge Santiago-Blay and colleagues have high resolution SEM and x-ray elemental analyses of chironomid pupal structures they wish to be identified. The imaging technology is novel, and will be described in forthcoming pubications. Any help would be appreciated. (added March 2017)
  • A new work on Chironomus karyotypes has been published by Kiknadze et al. The link takes you to ResearchGate, where you can download the entire work. (added February 2017)
  • Jon Martin has written that our colleague Wolfgang Wülker has passed away at the age of 91. More information will follow when it is available. (added January 2017)
  • Niladri Hazra, Hiromi Niitsuma and Prasanta K Chaudhuri have published an updated checklist of the Chironomidae of the Oriental Region. More information and an ordering link can be viewed on the books page. (added December 2016)
  • New and fascinating paper published by Kaiser et al. 2016 on the genomic basis of circadian and circalunar timing adaptations in the marine midge Clunio marinus. (added November 2016)
  • Fascinating ovipositioning behavior of an unidentified chironomid from a lake in western Maine, USA. Any information about this behavior of this or similar taxa would be gratefully received by Dave Funk at the Stroud Water Research Center. (added Sep 2016)
  • And can't remember when and where the 1st, or 3rd, or 7th Symposium took place? Here's a list. (added August 2016)
  • The Gustav Stresemann Institut and the German Society of Limnology offers the Arbeitskreis Taxonomie's 52th course on identification - "Chironomidae – practically orientated introduction into identification“. It runs from 07-10 November 2016 in Bad Bevensen, Germany. The course is run by Sabine Schiffels, Lina Schäfer, Brigitta Eiseler and Kai Möller. Information on registration and more at the Gustav Stresemann Institute. (added July 2016)
  • Paper by Andersen et al. (2016), which can be freely downloaded from the PlosOne website, describes an amazing new cave-dwelling genus and species - Troglocladius - collected from the Trojama cave system in Croatia (added May 2016)
  • Obviously with a little spare time, imagination, and perhaps drink, Berthold Janecek and friends put together a musical tribute (and the text) of sorts to some chironomid researchers. And it didn't require a grant (added April 2016)
  • John Martin's Chironomus Group Research is back on line and finally has a new home (added February 2016)
  • John Epler's well-known and used website has a new domain (added November 2015)
  • Loss of our colleagues: Martin Spies informs us that Nikolai Shobanov, who worked for over 30 years at the Institute for the Biology of Inland Waters of the Russian Academy of Science, passed away in early November. Tadashi Kobayashi writes that Hiroshi Hashimoto has also passed. Finally, Narcís Prat wrote to us about the passing of Maria Rieradevall last October. (added November 2015)
  • Another chironomid genome has been sequenced - Chironomus tentans - by Kutsenko et al. (2014). (added November 2014)
  • Dr. I. I. Kidnazde has been added to the gallery of outstanding chironomid workers, in honor of her influencial research in systematics and molecular biology as well as - especially early in her career - enduring difficult conditions. (added September 2014)
  • The first entire genome of a chironomid (Belgica antarctica Jacobs, 1900) has been sequenced, with results published in Kelley et al. 2014. Gene jocks delight! (added August 2014)
  • Web site changes:
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      2) "Free and Useful Documents" item has been added to the Literature section
  • John Epler has written a new guide for the larval Tanytarsini (Chironominae) of Florida, which updates portions of his 2001 manual for Southeastern (USA) Chironomidae larvae. Better yet, it's free! An alternate download site is throught the Florida DEP. (added June 2014)
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